3 Amazing Reasons Why Freelancing is Best


After 5 years working as a freelance graphic and web designer, I can honestly say, without a doubt that this is the best job ever! And it’s not just because you choose when you would like to work or not, but because you have the freedom of working from the comforts of your home. And if this is not enough to convince you, then here are 3 amazing reasons why you should work at home.

You Can Start Working at Home and avoid other Expenses

Transportation expenses, gas money, the time spent getting to and from work, buying lunch (which can be very expensive), miscellaneous and other work-related expenses -all these expenses add up and it can be a bit too much on your wallet. Freelancing does not involve all these expenses. All you’ll need are stable connection and your trusted laptop or desktop. And to top it up, you won’t have to deal with office politics. You can focus on your work at your own pace.

You can Go on the Holidays that You Want

Working in the office requires commitment and compromise. We rarely get the holidays that we requested and most of the time, we suffer from very few leaves. Often times we have to miss some outing with friends and families. This just makes work more difficult- knowing that your family is having fun while you are stuck at work. All these can be resolved once you start a freelance career. You get to choose your holidays with your family when you can afford it.

You Get to Work on Projects You Like

The freedom to work also allows you to choose the projects that you would want to create or collaborate with. This gives you time to focus and work through your creative process and enjoy your craft. Furthermore, it pushes you to develop your strengths and work through your weaknesses. In the end, you became a better worker because you work for yourself.

Sure it’s not all apples and peaches, but you get to work on the things you love, and that’s the best!