4 Key Reasons Why Having a Blog is Important


Blogging has undergone a lot of changes and growth since the late 1990’s. It was used before as a distinctive platform to share personal thoughts, emotions, opinions and life experiences. It is, but a digital journal or a diary with very simple results. These days it has developed into a platform used by thousands of people, everybody from individuals to businesses. The blog’s simplicity makes it easy for anyone to start a blog and grow into a self-declared “professional.” But how important is blogging in the business world?

Here are 4 reasons why you should continue writing your blog

Your Blog Drives Traffic to your Website:

Your blog gives you the opportunity to make relevant content for your clients and visitors. You can use this as a marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site.

Turn your blog on your site the groundwork for all your social media profiles.

Your start-up business might be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn or anywhere else. Post links with relevant content to your blog articles to your social platforms. This serves as a motive for you social followers to click through to your site and view your other contents.

Additionally, posting inbound links directly in blog articles can drive traffic to specific pages of your site.

Your Blog can also Increase your site’s SEO

Your blog entries definitely increase your SEO. Fresh content is always a key in striking out your competitors in the search engine results side.

Always try to use keywords in your articles. Have a list of keywords, topics, and categories you want for your business to be related with. Use these keywords, and related content when writing your blog posts.

Of course, whether you keenly pursue these out or not, blogging on a daily basis about your business, industry, services or products or trendy lifestyle, it will naturally increase your search keywords. Your determination on your keywords will surely increase results.

Keywords and topics on your site are an essential way in which Google (or other search engines) find your website for these keywords.

Advertise your Brand product or service Forward

Well written articles validate your brand as a business leader. Posting topics that resonate with your industry and show your knowledge will boost your marketing skills for your business, product and services, too.

If you own an online shop, writing blog posts about your products will serve as a reference for your customers. Your clients will recognize you as the source of information for the products they want.

Furthermore, you and your customers benefit from the learning you deliver to them.

Your Blog Builds Better customer Relations

Blogs build trust by being a source of info. Most consumers like to be informed, and appreciate the flow of fresh content.

In addition, just as on any other social platforms, responding to comments and interacting with your consumer creates better relationships. If they have questions about a product or service you are writing about, a direct respond from you shows trust. Unlike other social sites, a blog is easily searchable on your site. The comments on your site last longer than on a Twitter response or Facebook comment.  Customers can easily see your interactions too.

If these reasons are not enough to keep you blogging, then we will continue looking for more reasons and update you as soon as we can.